Family Law

Himelfarb Proszanski’s family law group is staffed by competent, experienced, and caring lawyers and clerks with experience supporting clients through the numerous challenges which arise from a relationship breakdown. Our lawyers have appeared at all levels of court including the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court of Justice, the Divisional Court of the Superior Court of Justice, and the Ontario Court of Appeal.

We advocate for our clients’ interests while at the same time ensuring our clients are aware of their exposures, obligations, and entitlements under the law. Our lawyers take pride in educating our clients about family law principles and legislation which helps to inform practicable, workable, and reasonable positions which more often than not result in resolution or good favour in litigation.

We are dedicated to helping our clients start a new chapter in their lives by comprehensively addressing issues arising from the breakdown of their relationship so that they achieve contentment, satisfaction, and fiscal stability.

While we encourage resolution of family breakdown issues via alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration we also recognize the need to move a matter into litigation to obtain a result when parties reach an impasse. Our lawyers have experience appearing at trials, speaking to long motions, questioning of witnesses, and preparing and appearing at urgent short motions.

Client communication is key to our family law practice. We understand that our family law clients may need reassurance, support, or advice outside of normal business hours and provide outlets for our clients to contact our staff when necessary on weekends or after 5 pm.

Our family law department offers a full array of services to assist clients through some of the most difficult times in their lives including but not limited to:

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  • reviewing separation agreements and providing ILA
  • negotiation and drafting of marriage, cohabitation, and separation agreements
  • divorce
  • negotiation of shared parenting plans
  • parental alienation
  • jurisdiction claims
  • access
  • relocation
  • grandparent access
  • non-parent access
  • child support (retroactive, ongoing, variation, termination)
  • section 9 child support claims
  • child protection
  • inter-jurisdictional child support claims
  • Family Responsibility Office claims (negotiation of arrears and garnishment)
  • income imputation
  • spousal support
  • equalization
  • complex property claims including constructive trust claims or resulting trust claims
  • dependent claims in family law and estate matters

At Himelfarb Proszanski we offer 45 minute free consultations on all family law matters by telephone, zoom or in-person.

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The Family Law Team