What Defines Our Firm

Built on a diverse range of skills and expertise, the team at Himelfarb Proszanski LLP specializes in the delivery of high quality legal services on a timely and cost effective basis.

On-Time Delivery

Legal disputes are an unwelcome distraction from everyday life and a hindrance to operating a productive business. In today’s economic climate, there is a real need disputes be resolved quickly, efficiently, and as cost-effectively as possible.

Results Driven

We are fully aware that, at the end of the day, our private, corporate or institutional clients want to achieve positive outcomes. So we focus on moving matters forward, as quickly as possible, to produce favorable results for our clients.


Beyond the motto, from the initial consultation to the successful resolution of your matter, we focus on how we can best serve your interests.

Who We Are

Himelfarb Proszanski LLP is a trusted and highly regarded downtown Toronto law firm focused on helping clients face important issues. Founded in 1998 by Peter Proszanski and David Himelfarb, the firm has expanded to become an acknowledged leader in several areas of law including corporate, commercial, franchise, commercial litigation, mergers and acquisitions, insolvency, real estate, personal injury and insurance law.

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Our Pledge

We are invested in helping our clients face important issues. Given the different legal representation options in the Greater Toronto Area, we want our clients to know the high level of commitment, dedication and experience they can expect with our firm.

Commitment and Dedication

We commit our experience to advocate for all our clients at the best of our capabilities, exploring all possible avenues, and advising with the client’s best interests at mind.


David and Peter have assembled a top-notch team of associate lawyers renowned throughout the legal community as expert negotiators and advocates who achieve outstanding results on behalf of their clients.


Integrity is what’s fueling the trust clients have in us for successfully resolving their legal and corporate matters.

Fast Results

Often, the best interest of our clients is to see results as quickly as possible. This mindset guides how we proceed to advocate for our clients.

Our Practice Areas

We have assembled teams of experts in different practice specialty groups. Click on a practice area above to Read More about our experience and service handling related matters.

We’ve worked hard to develop our reputation in the community as a preeminent law firm. The specialized knowledge of our firm can be invaluable towards helping you successfully navigate important and often complex legal issues with the results you deserve.

Peter Proszanski

Co founder & Managing Partner
Peter Proszanski With Colleagues

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How We Work

Our Usual Process

Initial Assessment – A first consultation with our client to get a 10,000 foot perspective on the situation and assessment of possible outcomes.
Data and Facts Gathering – Collecting data and documents that will help build a strong case or constitute the framework of the solution for our client’s matter.
Executing the plan – we’ll work with the other party according to our plan of action to resolve the matter as quickly as possible, to the greatest benefit of our client.
Court and legal proceedings – If necessary, we’ll take our client’s matter to court. In many cases, we’ll try to work with the other party to reach a common ground and a settlement that’s in the best interest of our client.
Rulings and Settlements – We will accompany our clients in legal proceedings and make sure we explore all possible options once the Court rules.

1. Initial Free Consultation

This is the initial discovery phase where we get a global perspective of your matter and discuss how we can help you.

2. Data and Facts Gathering

After we reach a work agreement, we establish what data and documentation needs to get collected, before actually taking measures to access it.

3. Executing the Plan

With a plan of action laid out, and an eye on the goal, we proceed to move your matter as quickly as possible through the different steps.

4. Court and Legal Proceedings

If your matter needs to get to court, we’ll use our 100+ years of combined litigation experience to help move your case swiftly and efficiently.

5. Analyzing Court Rulings and Settlements

We will review rulings, judgments and explore possible settlement possibilities that favorably address your situation.

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