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Ten Things Every Employee Should Know

What should you do after a termination?


1 Contact one of our lawyers to find out about your legal rights.

2 Ensure you have your record of employment from your employer so that you may receive employment insurance.

3 Keep your copy of your employment contract or offer letter or payroll information if there is no written employment contract.

4 Keep your record of overtime hours worked.

5 If you have been offered a severance package, you will need to have it evaluated by a lawyer to ensure it is sufficient.

6 If you have not been offered a package and the termination is not for cause you are entitled to a package which must include the minimum amounts guaranteed by the Employment Standards Act and the common law provides a much bigger package.

7 If you have been fired for cause, have one of our lawyers review whether the cause alleged by the employer actually justifies denial of a severance package.

8 Keep all notes of comments made during the termination process in the event your reputation is damaged. This will provide you with greater entitlements in the termination negotiations.

9 You may be able to protect your package from tax consequences if you have contribution room. Retrieve your last notice of assessment from CRA.

10 It is important you get a letter of reference or a letter confirming employment for your next job. Keep all communications with your ex-employer to a minimum and always be professional.


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