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International Business

International Business

Himelfarb Proszanski maintains close ties with numerous law firms around the globe. We are a member of CONSELEGIS, an international association comprised of over 1600 lawyers located in more than 150 cities in 40 countries around the world.

We facilitate business transactions for our domestic clients by making the resources of the firm’s strong affiliations with international law firms available to them. As well, our lawyers can assist international businesses establish an affiliate business in Canada by reviewing and drafting all documents necessary for a business to legally operate. We also analyze and provide guidance on the notice and application requirements of the Canada Investment Act (which applies to all foreign owners seeking control of a Canadian business or who wish to establish an unrelated Canadian business). Our lawyers can provide assistance and advice to international business clients and ensure compliance with respect to the Income Tax Act, Arthur Wishart Act, and the Business Corporations Act.

We can provide services with respect to the following matters:

  • Incorporation of a business
  • Foreign acquisitions and mergers
  • Drafting purchase and sale agreements for foreign commercial transactions
  • Drafting of documents for cross-border transactions including term sheets, letters of intent, share purchase agreements and general purchase and sale agreements, confidentiality agreements, and exclusivity agreements
  • Facilitating financing between foreign borrowers and Canadian lenders
  • Drafting contracts involving sales of goods, joint venture agreements, co-ownership agreements, business combination agreements, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, licensing agreements, distribution agreements
  • Drafting intellectual property contracts regarding matters such as trademarks, copyright, and re­seller agreements
  • “Canadianizing” of foreign franchises so as to operate legitimately in Canada including drafting all required documents and advising on disclosure obligations pursuant to the Arthur Wishart Act
  • Advising clients on privacy issues and drafting of Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act compliant privacy policies
  • Providing a full range of alternative dispute resolution services to international clients such as negotiation and representation at arbitration proceedings including enforcement of a foreign arbitration award in Canada


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